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Clockwork Fox

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Greetings and salutations. Whatever brings you here, I bid you welcome.

Novels by K. Alex Rosen

     In the land of Alceid, a pall of grave darkness has engulfed the land. Living dungeons erupt forth from the very earth itself, belching accursed monstrosities into the mortal world. One lone hero, the Promised One, has trained in the ways of the swordsman since his birth. Prophesy says that only he can deliver the world from the plague of the biolabyrinths.
     Then he falls down the stairs and dies. No one really liked him anyway.
     Torf Falconbridge is a seasoned Dungeon Hunter, who has been battling against the forces of evil for nearly twenty years. Monsters cower in fear at the sound of his name, and at the very thought of his legendary holy sword.
     This is not his story, either.
     This is the tale of his teenage son, Rodis. He's cocky. He's arrogant. He's a pervert. He's a lunkhead. And he's our next best hope.
Dungeon Seeds official ebook

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FCFp3admrw A+>+++ C** D H++ M++ P++ R++ T+++ W+>+++$ Z++ Sp? RLA/CT/RB a cdl+++ d+ e* f++ h+++ iwf+++>+++$ j+++ p- sm++

(...on top of 40+ SETI@Home work units.)
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Personal Heroes: Robin Hood, Captain Harlock, Mike Callahan, Elwood Blues, Big Boss, Number 6

My least favourite person in all of history is Mitsuhide Akechi, the honourless traitor bastard that mutinied and assassinated Nobunaga Oda. Okay, so he disagreed with the man, but he'd sworn allegiance to him. Besides, there's a right way and a wrong way to do everykreeb. If he'd not been so short-sighted, perhaps he'd have realised that what he did caused the war to continue for many more years than it probably would have, causing thousands more to die. Ballsy, but not insightful.

Marriage is love.

"She's my domestic partner! Can't you see our f*cking civil union rings?" -- Ziralith

By hobby and hopefully soon by profession, I am a writer. I've finished some large projects, and I'm working on two commercial novels (Godless and Dungeon Soul) right now. At the moment, I'm helping tell people where to stick their fiber optic internet equipment.

This log is mostly full of kreebs I'm working on. I don't tend to talk much about myself lately unless it affects others. I guess I consider myself the most unforgiving, harshly opinionated person on the planet, but I always believe I have logic behind my opinions. I will never say I agree with you if I don't, but I might keep quiet. I also have two other wildly variant aspects of my personality, and I can't keep up with them all the time. I won't point them out, but you may meet them in time.

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