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The syndicate wants to steal my car. - Clockwork Fox [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The syndicate wants to steal my car. [Feb. 13th, 2013|08:05 am]
Clockwork Fox
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So I step out into the wind and goddamn freezing rain this morning, with a flu, to walk to a job that could be done from home with approximately equal or greater effectiveness, and find a bright orange sticker stuck to my car, saying it's "illegally parked" due to "expired tags".

Supposedly it was put there two days ago. Bullshit, it's in my goddamn parking spot at my home. I walk by it four times a day on average. I walk everywhere I can and leave the car parked. Why? Because the fucking tags are expired and the car was in need of repair in order to pass inspection, which was needed in order to renew goddamn useless extortion-bait tags.

Anyway, I just got the car fixed and inspected a few days ago after something like 8 months of it off the road, and now suddenly this. A sticker that appeared NO EARLIER than 8/13 but claims to have been put there on 8/11 at 3:46 PM. I am sure glad there is no murder, rape, or violent crime left in this chunk of shit town, so that cops have the leisure time to come to somebody's home and flag their car for impounding. Because that's where the car was.

Naturally, there's no contact information and no one to address for recourse.

So, just to let you know, if you happen to have expired tags in NC you apparently may as well go ahead and drive the car since they'll just come around and steal your vehicle anyway even if you don't.

EDIT: Yeah, so, I just checked and your'e not supposed to need to have current license plates in order to park your car at your own home.

THE MORAL: North Carolina remains full of shit.