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Music work (so far) [Dec. 6th, 2011|11:01 am]
Clockwork Fox
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Vampire Keepsake

Here's a rollup of tracks I've done so far for a game tentatively entitled "Vampire Keepsake". The game -- and hopefully the music -- has a more involved approach but a classic feel like Castlevania/Dracula/Vampire Killer series. If you like their music, hopefully you'll enjoy these.

01 - Stone Path to Madness (garden chase)
02 - Claws of Seduction http://db.tt/Lzp0A79g (succubus sisters)
03 - Chaos Lily (Countess Lily theme)
04 - Dancing Bones http://db.tt/INJg08DV (skeleton panic)
05 - Grinding Gears http://db.tt/HUDn9P3D (clock tower/steam mecha)
06 - New Dusk's Light (eastern princess theme)


Also, QBS is working on a side-on shoot-em-up with the working title "BoltSabre". Here are some tracks I've done for it (a very different feel than above).

01 - Brainpiston (mechanized military outpost)
02 - Oxide Whisper (SKRAPT planetoid approach)
03 - Salvage the Screaming (living machine scrapyard)
04 - Skraptopolis (machine city)
05 - Fuzzy Illogic (intro/exposition)
06 - Core Popper (processing center)
07 - Machine March (SKRAPT army mobilization)
08 - Whimsical Whatsit (lighthearted, kinda goofball track for shipboard computer/exposition)
09 - Resistor (a boss fight theme)
10 - Malefic Manifold (final stage)
11 - Rusted Soul (steady midstage music; a personal favorite)

House of Cards

Other tracks I've done that aren't necessarily aimed at particular projects are below.

01 - Solar Powered Boy (Synthpop with a 50's roll)
02 - Blazing Tapestry http://t.co/tWBq1aSa (Castlevania/Monster Mash vs. disco)
03 - 8-Bit Ninja http://is.gd/hARjYS (attempt at an NES/SMS style Oriental track)
04 - Vanadium Vixen (just listen to it if you only pick one track here)

If you'd like to use any of them for your project, I'd be honored. Please let me know and give credit if so, and I'll be happy to link to your project from here if you like.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Have fun!